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Baseline studies of the physical and chemical characteristics of the Pangani River, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, land and water use, archaeology, epidemiology, utilization of biomass resources for fuel wood, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing and characterization of the local economy at Pangani Falls hydropower station and in the adjoining communities for TANESCO, funded by Norway, Finland and Sweden, 1992.

  • Baseline studies of the bio-physical environment, land and water use, utilization of biomass resources at and around the lower Kihansi hydropower project, for NORPLANA/S funded by the World Bank, 1994.
  • Environmental baseline studies of the inland waters along the proposed Songosongo gas pipeline route for Hardy BBT, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, 1994.
  • Consultancy services to DANIDA for HIMA project soil and water conservation project, Iringa, 1992/1993.
  • Study on the establishment of credit schemes for productive economic activities of Women in Tanga and Zanzibar. A report submitted to the ministry of Women Affairs, Children and Social Welfare, 1991.
  • Social economic baseline study survey of Dodoma, Nzega, Shinyanga and Musoma Road Construction projects.
  • Environmental Baseline Study for gold mine at Golden pride project at Nzega - Tabora for RESOLUTE (T) Limited, 1998.
  • Development of strategies for sustainability of environmental conservation and agricultural projects (ADEC) in East Usambara, for IUCN, 1990/1991.
  • Evaluation of small-scale development projects in Tanzania, funded by Swedish development cooperation (SCD), 1991/1992.
  • Evaluation of cooperative education centre (CEC) activities in Dodoma, commissioned by AFREDA, 1994.
  • Study of formal and informal financial institutional in Tanzania, 1993.
  • Formulation of sector specific land use policies and spatial planning of strategies as well as institutional co-ordination. Part of Zanzibar integrated land use plan (ZILEM Project), funded by FINIDS, 1993/1994.
  • Review and formulation of the National Environment Policy. Commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, natural resources and environmental, 1994.
  • Identification and formulation of strategies for institutional support to Dodoma Region.
  • Environmental Management Framework for the mineral sector in Tanzania - MEM, World Bank (1996 - 1997). In collaboration with Wardell Armstrong UK.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Dar-Es-Salaam Port dredging project coral reef and marine life monitoring commissioned by EVERS CONSULT - AUSTRALIA September, 1997 - March, 1998 for Tanzania Harbours Authority (THA).
  • PRE AND POST EIA STUDY for oil exploration at Mandawa Basin, Kilwa for Dublin International (T) Limited, 1996 - 1997.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Pre seismic petroleum exploration for CANOP CORPORATION (T) LTD - Rufiji Basin, 1997.
  • Environmental Baseline Study for GOLDEN PRIDE PROJECT - RESOLUTE (T) LTD - Nzega - Tabora, 1997.
  • Pre - EIA Study for Seismic Investigation for Petroleum Prospecting and Exploration at Rufiji Basin Commissioned by Canop Worldwide Limited, 1997 - 1998.
  • Legal Register part of EIA for Kabanga Nickel Mine at Ngara for Anglo American Corporation, South Africa, April, 1998.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Ground Drilling and water pipeline from Manonga Borefield to Golden pride mine at Lusu Nega Distrcit, April - August, 1999.
  • PRE & POST EIA for seissimic investigation for oil exploration for M/S Dublin Oil (T) Limited at Kilwa Mandawa basin, 1999.
  • Survey of water sources at PLAN Supported health facilities in Ifakara, Mngeta, Mengula Divisions, Kilombero District.
  • Feasibility and Environmental study for Mbiga-Nyasa gravel road-April 1999
  • Feasibility and Environmental study of Mbinga-Ugano Road-Mbinga Cooperative Society/EEC, 1996-1997.
  • Feasibility and Environmental Study for Upgrading Koronga-Mkata Bay Road via Mzuzu, in Malawi, 1997-1998 ADB Funded.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the Rumuruti-Maralal Road in Laikipia and Samburu Districts, Kenya 1993, Funded by ADB.
  • Feasibility and Environmental Impact Assessment of Gitarama to Kibungo and Gitarama to Kibuye Road in Rwanda 1998-1999. Funded by Ministry of Works/EEC Rwanda.
  • Groundwater Master Plan and feasibility study for Igunga, Hanang, Singida and Manyoni in collaboration with Sanyu Consultant of Japan for Jica 1997-1998
  • Studied the performance of HRF infiltration of the river source of the Wanging'ombe water supply project in Njombe district, for UNICEF, 1990/91.
  • Development of proposal Resettlement Plan for people to be affected by Mine at Kabanga-Anglo-American-1998-1999.
  • Preparation of settlement structure plan for Zanzibar islands under the Zanzibar intergrated land and environmental management project (ZILEM) funded by FINIDA, 1991/92
  • Development of a new approach to rural Electrification for Urambo rural electrification project, Tabora for SIDA and TANESCO, 1991/92.
  • Development of Socio economic state report for Namibia Government -1995-1996
  • Economic valuation of wood lands in Kwazulu Natal done in collaboration with Institute of Natural Resource South Africa, 1996 - 1999.
  • Develop refine and implement methods for predicting and monitoring the responses of the natural environment of rivers flowing through the Udzungwa National Park - IDA 1999.
  • Develop methodologies required to define the water quantity and quality requirement of the natural environment of rivers in rift valley- EEC, 1996 - 1999.
  • Integrating conservation of Nature Reserves with economic Development of adjacent rural communities at Baraka Game Reserve in Malawi, 1998.
  • Resettlement, action plan and social development plan for Balyankulu Gold Mine at Kahama, Tanzania, 1997 - 1998.
  • Public Consultation, Social Impact Assessment Biophysical Assessment, Soils and land. Capability survey and resettlement action plan for the proposal Ashanti Gold Mine at Geita, Tanzania, 1998.

  • Conducted knowledge, attitude, behaviour and practice (KABP) study for rural water sector project in Tanga, funded by GTZ, 1994.
  • Studied the performance of HRF infiltration of the river source of the Wanging'ombe water supply project in Njombe District, for UNICEF, 1990/1991.
  • Reviewed the design of Mpika - Balaka water treatment plant serving 350,000 people and proposed how to improve its treatment performance for the government of Malawi, funded by DANIDA, 1991/1993.
  • Reviewed the design of Mpika - Balaka water treatment plant serving 350,000 people and proposed how to improve its treatment performance for the government of Malawi, funded by DANIDA, 1991/93.
  • Sanitation management plans for Arusha and Iringa - ministry of water funded by world bank (1996-1997)
  • Provided advisory services to Zambia consolidated Copper mining Co. (ZCCM) on drainage systems in the mining sites.
  • Feasibility study and Environmental Impact Assessment for deepborehole development at Vingunguti and Buguruni wards Dsm. April-2000-PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  • Pre-Post EIA for exploration at Kilwa for his Dublin Oil - August 2000
  • Groundwater Master Plan for Igunga, Hanang, Singida and Manyoni in collaboration with Sanyu Consultant of Japan for Jica 1997-1998


  • Baseline Data collection for the community based adult education project in the Southern Quadrant of Tanzania - ADB funded, 1998. $ 75,000.00
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Community Projects e.g. rehabilitation of primary schools and groundwater development projects in Vingunguti and Buguruni wards in Dar Es Salaam. Funded by Plan International, Tanzania; 1999-2000. $ 125,000.00
  • School mapping projects in the central districts of Tanzania; EEC funded project, 1995.$ 70,000.00
  • Education Survey for children leaving primary schools in the mining areas (small scale mining localities). Funded by World Bank, 1999-2000. $ 120,000.00
  • School Mapping and Micro Planning for 14 districts funded by JICA client Ministry Education value: USD 380,000.00 2001 - 2002
  • School Mapping and Micro Planning for 2 districts funded by CIDA client: Ministry of Education. 2001 - 2002 client value: USD 25,000.000
  • School Mapping and Microplanning project for 16 District in Mainland Tanzania funded by JICA , client MOEC started March, 2003 ongoing value 460,000.00
  • Archaeological, Palaeontological and Historical Resource Assessment of the Dar-es-Salaam to Songosongo gas pipeline way - leave, 1996 - 1997.
  • Archaeological Resource Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Mandawa Basin petroleum exploration project 1996 - 1997 by Dublin Oil (T) limited.
  • Archaeological Survey of the Kilwa Coast Area South East Tanzania for UDSM, 1994.
  • Archaeological Resource of Tanzania for Tanzania Tourist Board, Royal Geographical Society Magazine, 1996.
  • Archaeological, Palaeontological and Historical Resource Assessment for GOLDEN PRIDE PROJECT - RESOLUTE MINING (T) LTD, 1997 - Nzega.

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